Autumn Sky

We have a heart mission to listen to others via e-mail and gift as much as possible to charity. We encourage personal development and spread kindness by spending moments with people who want to build genuine relationships with real people who care. 


Here are a few questions you may have.


What does this service provide?

Our service is intended for people who want to express thoughts or concerns to a private third party who can give insightful feedback and encourage healthy well-being. Our Confidants help by providing conversations that gear towards letting go and moving forward with healthy living. 

How much does it pay?

The compensation (Room for growth) is $5 from each membership that comes your way, plus any gratuity sent to you. Tax deductions are to be done by the Confidant yearly. Our Confidants have a philanthropist spirit.


How many memberships can I expect?

We hope you have an abundance but without expectations. It may take time before a Confidant starts receiving interested clients. Patience is a quality needed for this position. 


Is there room for growth?

Yes. Growth is essential. New ideas and opportunities are always happing at I Be Here For You. 


What makes a good Confidant?

A good Confidant has communication skills. They are open-minded, respectful and have excellent interpersonal skills. Our Confidants are here to listen and be here for people. We are looking for people who have empathy, compassion, and are genuine. As well as qualified health care professionals and life coaches.

How do you become a Confidant?

Email and please share a little about yourself. Why would you like to be a Confidant (Sharing does not guarantee a position as Confidant). If you have any questions, please ask. 

Thank you so much for your time, and have a well day.