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The Flock

Seeking philanthropists. Real people who are interested in spending moments with people via email. I Be Here For You-Confidant Service is a free email messaging service with Personal Confidants who listen with heart. Our mission is to spread kindness and love by listening to the thoughts and concerns of others. We gift $5 from each membership we receive to our to our charities and organizations such as; World Vision, Children's Hospital, and Crisis Center B.C. Compensation to the Confidant is $5 from each membership that comes their way. Plus any gratuity sent to you.  Keeping costs down is vital. Giving as much as possible is the heart of the Service. Love begins with listening.


Our Confidants are building friendships with people and answering emails the way they would respond to a friend. A good Confidant has communication skills. They are open-minded, respectful and have excellent interpersonal skills. Our Confidants are here to listen and be here for people. We are looking for people who have empathy, compassion, and are genuine. Any specific Skills, Education, Experience, or Certifications are related to personal development and emotional support.


We have a goal to be there for as many people as possible. Having Confidants that can speak in their native tongue would be a blessing. Currently, our website is in English, Spanish, French, Irish, Japanese, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Ukrainian. Our English-speaking Confidants use a translator.


If you are interested in becoming someone's Personal Confidant please email and share a little about yourself. Why would you like to be a Confidant (Sharing does not guarantee a position as a Confidant)? If you have any questions, please ask. 


Thank you so much for your time. 

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