COVID-19 | I Be Here For You - Confidant Service

Let's talk Coronavirus 

It is crucial that we all follow quarantine and self-isolation recommendations properly to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to others. During this time it is super important to remember that staying positive and kind to yourself and others is best. 

Loneliness, frustration and stress can happen very easily. Especially when financial situations are strained. If you are in need of someone to hear your thoughts or concerns, please feel free to email I Be Here For You and chat with someone who truly has your best interest at heart. 

Also, please don't forget:

  1. Wash your hands often.

  2. Avoid touching your face.

  3. Cough or sneeze into your arm.

  4. Stay home as much as possible. 

  5. Reach out for emotional support by phone, email, online and many other supportive resources. 

Thank you to all the essential workers who are risking their health and comfort to continue serving our communities!

Let's all be kind, be calm and be safe!

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