I have an unconventional view of life and death. In my belief, consciousness is eternal.

Right now, we are in human form so we understand the 3rd dimension or the material side.

However, since we are also energy, we can live on even after so-called death. A few months

ago, my ex-husband transitioned back to spirit. My daughter of course misses him very


This Father’s Day she visited his grave. I understand the mourning as my

father is also back in spirit form. It is essential to show them they are loved. I am a spiritual

person observing from a different perspective. I like to tell my daughter that he is still with

you. Probably more now than before.

My first Father’s Day without my dad was a reminder that he is still very much with me. He

would show me symbols, and visit me in dreams. They communicate differently. Just

because they are not in human form doesn’t mean you stop talking to them. It can also be

therapeutic. For anyone who has lost a dad, there is no right or wrong way to remember

them. Do so in a way that makes you comfortable. Be happy and stay well.

-Confidante Maria


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