A Kind Thing To Have

"I need to talk to someone." Have you ever said this? I know I have. It's those moments in life where you could use some feedback or a different perspective. It's those moments where even the people closest to us cannot be there that having someone else to talk to would be helpful. It's those small things that do matter.

Having someone outside our circle of family or friends is a private way of keeping emotions under control. Talking things through with someone can eliminate problems in our personal lives. I can say from personal experience that some emotions are best to sort out before being expressed to family or friends.

Sometimes there are moments in life when an outsider's ear is a kind thing to have because the ones around us don't understand, judge, give unwanted advice, or just don't care. Having a way to express thoughts and concerns is so important for healthy well-being. We all grow at different paces. - Confidante Debbie