A New Perspective

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective. Have you ever watched someone put a Rubix cube together? It’s amazing how they get all the colour blocks to match in sequence. At times life can feel like that. Our minor annoyances feel mismatched. Even though they are small trivial things that can be easily fixed, they can leave you stumped. Sometimes all you need is assurance.

It’s all in the details. The little things that can make or break our day. What exactly are the little things? It’s the sentences that are left unsaid. It’s the thought that you didn’t have time to finish. In its essence, it may be so simple, but at that moment it’s huge. Sometimes it feels like you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Just remember though in your mind it is a mountain and finding a simplistic solution will benefit you.

You are having a bad day. The car broke down. Your shirt is ruined in the laundry. You forgot to say I love you to your kids. We can go on and on. These might be small things, but they do matter. Why? Because they matter to you. That’s what’s important. There’s nothing wrong with taking action to make you feel better even if it is insignificant to someone else.

Those are the times that we just need simple advice. We all need that sounding board to let us reflect on the situation. Someone to help us through the small things. Those small things can add up. So, let’s keep it to a minimum with the help of I Be Here For You-Confidant Service