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Have you ever heard of a Personal Confidant before? In a simple explanation, it is an actual person who has empathy and wants to share your hopes, dreams, and concerns for the small things. At I Be Here For You-Confidant Service, we are just that. Our online confidants help you with life’s little rough patches. And you know the best thing about having your own Personal Confidant, it’s all confidential. An Online Confidant will provide practical solutions and be a soundboard, or personal motivator if needed.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just need someone to talk to? However, not just anyone, a person who can help you find a solution. We offer such a service. Our Personal Confidants are people who you can do that. They will answer those questions like, how should I act if someone in my family belittles me? Or what is the property etiquette at a wedding for dressing as a guest? Maybe they seem to be mundane concerns, but they are valid ones.

When you don’t feel comfortable asking a friend or family member, we’re here to assist you. The little things affect us too. It is not trivial if it’s on your mind. Contact one of our online confidants today and experience how we can brighten your day.


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