A Simple Cup Of Coffee

I remember a story my father shared with me when I was a child. He was in a cafe and noticed a homeless man was cold. The winters in Montreal can be brutal. My father was always a compassionate man. He had heart. He offered to buy the man a cup of coffee to warm up. That man was so happy. At that point, my father had left.

I imagine how that little gesture of kindness affected that man’s mood. Someone treated him like a human being. There are many reasons people end up in the situations that they face. However, there is no judgement here. We have to have empathy. A simple act can change lives.

People always have this misconception that we have to do great things to make a powerful change. That couldn’t be further than the truth. Kind words, a smile, spending time with the elderly, those are a few examples. One small good deed can achieve such a powerful impact. I learned this lesson recently. Since I have the gift of life how can my existence be of value to the world? We can all be everyday heroes.

There is so much negativity happening in the world today. People have lost hope, they are depressed, they are scared of their futures. We can all do this and sometimes it just takes a cup of coffee. Thanks for the lesson. I love you, dad. Be well all until next time. - Confidant Maria


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