Alone Doesn't Equal Terrible

Spring has finally sprung. People are getting out in nature and enjoying the sunshine. Many singletons observe the happy couples together. This may make some feel that they are missing someone. They may be questioning what is wrong with them. Why are they alone? If this is you, don’t fret, we’ll discuss how being by yourself can sometimes be a good thing.

Whether you have gone through a breakup/death now or earlier, you may remember the rawness of losing that person. Those who have gone through it have learned that they coped. Those who are going through it now probably don’t know how they can manage. There is no easy answer. But as a person who has gone through a divorce and breaking off an engagement let me share what I did.

Firstly, I didn’t bury my emotions inside. I gave myself time to cry, sleep, and give myself the time to heal. I never thought that I would ever get over my divorce, but I did. I dated and eventually even fell in love. Unfortunately, my life isn’t a fairy tale and even that relationship ended. But I knew what to expect this time.

Don’t deny your feelings. Take a lot of nature walks. This worked for me. Just leaving the house helped with overthinking. Our friends and family can also be a support when you are going through a hard time. Give yourself some time to pour your emotions out. Write a letter to yourself. Seek the help of a therapist. For the healing to begin, you must get to the root.

You will also learn more about yourself. This is the time to pursue your talents. Maybe in the relationship, you never had the opportunity to be you. Sometimes universe releases people for a reason. At the time we may not be able to see it, but there will be a day that it becomes clear. Call it coming full circle if you may.

There is nothing wrong to spend time by yourself. You are the most important person when it comes to love. Love flows through you. You must be a healthy vessel for it to flourish. Nurture yourself. Understand that many people are single and they are just fine. If you choose to love again before you do know that you are whole by yourself. Not one person can fill you. In this head space you will attract the right kind of relationship. You fill yourself. You are love and light. Be well and take care. – Confidante Maria