Authentic Life

We all want a perfect life. Sometimes we have this idea that everything has to look like a glossy magazine cover. However, this doesn’t always work in the real world. Sweeping the dust under the rug doesn’t clean the mess; it just hides it. Many people walk in denial, and they try to camouflage the truth. We try to tell ourselves little white lies in order not to face the ugliness. How do we learn to live our lives with faults and imperfections? This article will delve into the power of being authentic.

Nobody in existence has lived an unblemished life. As human beings, we all have struggles and dilemmas. The key factor that will ensure that we arrive in the right spot is called acceptance. The moment we learn to love who we are, scars and all is the time we have achieved wisdom. Many people try not to let the cat out of the bag. Instead, acknowledge the elephant in the room. By doing that, you release what you perceive as imperfect. You let it go, and you may even discover that it’s not so terrible.

You are perfect in your perceived imperfection. You are the only you in the entire universe. That in itself is amazing. Don’t deny your feelings, accept your faults, and think positive. Even in the most magnificent rose garden, the stormy clouds will thunder. It is part of the rhythm of life. You don’t have to be 100% all the time. Why would you want to be?

Living your truly authentic life is a game-changer. It will give you more time not to feel so guilty. It will allow you the opportunity to go out there and experience life the way you are supposed to. Dare to do what you have been dreaming. Get your hands dirty in pottery if that’s what rocks your boat. It’s your journey, and no one else can take it for you.

You’re not perfect, so what? Be happy anyway. Mistakes will be made but they are opportunities to do better. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and just live. Take care of yourself and be well!

- Confidant Maria


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