Being Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Oh, life can be so hard. During these times we are facing a pandemic, economic distress, and many other dilemmas. It pushes us to make choices that we never thought we would be making. It pushes the envelope to what we are used to and experienced. There are ways to cope but one must be ready. The way of life that we are accustomed to sometimes must change. How do we go about being comfortable with being uncomfortable? Let’s find some coping mechanisms.

Every person at some point in their life must experience change. Life has a way of making that decision for us. It can be a new job, new school, divorce, a move, or lifestyle. Just like anything it’s normal to feel nervous about a new event. The secret to getting over that obstacle is to face it one step at a time. Make yourself a game plan. If you are facing a move, learn about the area you will be residing in. If you are a hobbyist in photography, find local groups that practice your interest. This will allow you to meet new people. When we make friends, we don’t feel as alone.

Change your attitude. New doesn’t mean awful. It can be the beginning of the awesome. I remember years ago I was working at a company that I wasn’t fond of, but I was used to the business. It was familiar to me. Then one day I was forced to look for another job. When I did find that new job, I was anxious. I remember when I trained for it, everything seemed so complicated. Alas, a few months after the initial training, I began to be more confident and began to enjoy the job. To this day, that was one of the most favourite positions I have ever held. Change can be good for you.

Let it teach you a new way to live your life. Take the approach of seeing it as a life lesson. Find ways where you can improve the situation. Get creative. Need more money, brainstorm ways that you can generate more income. Never before do people have more opportunities to find resources. The internet is your friend when used constructively. Jot down ideas to help you cope. Remember that the answer is always within you and these days of uncertainty will pass. The day will come when you will be comfortable with the uncomfortable once more. Until next time, be well. -Confidant Maria


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