Every human being living on this planet needs a sense of connection. It is ingrained in us to seek out the comfort of others. We are social beings. Of course, there are times that we seek solitude, but at some point, we need companionship. You are not alone in this world. Even though there are times it may feel like such.

It is so easy to feel disassociated from everything. This weekend I took a walk near the waterfront where I live. I noticed all the species of birds, saw a few groundhogs, and just nature all over. I wondered for a moment, am I part of this? This is nature. I am nature. Therefore, I am connected. Then I got to thinking, has my being helped anyone? Has my life been significant to those around me? Has it been significant to me? The short and easy answer is yes.

The longer, more spiritual answer for me is that we all touch the lives of others at some point. Someone is better off today because we love them. We are better off because someone has loved us. We are all connected. It’s so easy to get busy and assume that there is a tomorrow. The truth is it’s not always so. Make the time for the important people in your life. You and God/Universe/Creator are one. Somehow in the entire scheme of things, we are part of it. Don’t forget to connect with those around you. Take care and be well.

Confidante Maria


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