Diffuse To Lose

There are tons of experiences that we go through. Life can sometimes be cruel. That’s just a reality of living. However, when it begins to affect our emotions, we need to action it. Many people have anger. Some are not even aware of it. They may snap at other people or just become bitter. That’s not the way we are supposed to live. We deserve better.

The first step is to acknowledge your anger because you don’t want to hold those emotions inside. Find ways to release it. Talk to someone, exercise, cry, create something. Take yourself on a meditation journey and accept your anger. Don’t deny those feelings that you have. Once you accept that you are angry, you can start to heal.

The blame game is so easy to play. It doesn’t matter who was at fault; your goal is to find inner peace. Repressed anger can cause bitterness and resentment. Forgiveness is a way of letting go when you understand that you will feel liberated from negativity.

Talking with a Confidant can help with some anger, or seeking guidance from a clinical professional can lead you in a direction that will allow you to heal emotionally. Also, remind yourself to laugh once in a while. Don’t take everything so seriously. Act silly, blast your favourite song and dance. It may sound silly, but that is the juice of life. The now, the enjoyment. Savour it and be well. - Confidant Maria


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