Don't Assume

I remember in high school, one of my teachers would use the expression,’ Don’t assume; it makes an ass out of you and me.’ What does that mean? Well, many people that we encounter have feelings. They have their own personal stories. Sometimes we are so caught up in our heads that we forget a whole world revolves out of our being.

Do you ever go to the grocery store and stare at the butcher cutting the meat? You seem to be in a hurry, so you wish that he would work faster. Or you’re in a line at the bank and notice the teller is chatting a little too long with the elderly lady. You don’t say anything, but in your thoughts, you think this is not the place to socialize. Now let me show you the real story behind your assumptions. That butcher is working two jobs to support his two kids, that just lost their mother. That old lady’s family doesn’t even speak with her. The bank might be an errand for you to just write off your checklist. For that elderly lady, it’s an interaction with a human being because she feels so alone.

I get it. We have stuff. We are busy. Life is hectic, but that doesn’t mean it should feel like plastic. Smile at someone not because you have to, do it because you want to. Do you know how powerful a simple gesture like a smile can make someone’s day? Even if it is a stranger. We all live on this planet and share moments. Be the example, understand people go through traumatic rough times, and show empathy. Be patient, be kind; it’s called respect for the other person.

Write in the comments of any experiences you’ve had where a stranger has made your day. I love to hear stories about the positive human experience. Also, feel free to email me if you need to chat. Take care and be well.


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