Expect The Unexpected

My personal experiences with the disappointment of other peoples’ behaviours taught me a valuable lesson. I thought everyone had the innate nature to be respectful, kind, and cooperative. You can imagine my huge surprise when ‘friends’ didn’t treat me the way I did with them. I became nicer hoping that they would change their ways.

These were the people that would want you to drop whatever you were doing and think of them as a priority. As a ‘good friend,’ I obliged. By the end of the episode, I would be completely drained. Energy completely zapped. Then came my turn. I needed that shoulder to lean on and to vent out my problems. I assumed that they would respond in the same way. No luck. They were not available. What a revelation!

I started to think long and hard about the situation. It struck me that I shouldn’t expect other people to do as I do. That was on me. You see the only person that you can change is yourself. That being said, another person will react in a completely different way. My misconception of them acting like me was completely naive on my part.

Don’t expect people to be a certain way. This will only lead to disappointment. Accept them as individuals. If you are giving more and the person is not reciprocating, don’t be disappointed. However, if they are not adding value to your life, it’s okay to say goodbye. You deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged by positive people. The company that we keep has an impact. You have the right to be choosy with friends. You have the right to be heard. We are all individuals. Be well and stay positive! –Confidant Maria


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