We have had some beautiful weather this Canada day weekend. I took a stroll with my

daughter on a pleasant summer day. I noticed some colourful birds like cardinals, blue jays,

doves, and rabbits made me think hard. The majestic scene truly sings to one’s soul. What

beauty we have.

Whoever or whatever your belief a source of energy has created this wonderful earth. That

scenic view of a mountain top, the simple stare at a sparrow feeding its young in the nest.

Nature reminds us of those gifts. They are free but priceless. Going barefoot in nature can

ground us. Sunshine can uplift any mood. A brisk walk in a park can make you happy.

Think of them as gifts. The sweet fragrance of flowers. The melodist song of birds.

Squirrels who are running around in trees. They don’t look like much but look again. This

day, this opportunity to breathe, this is a gift. That is where the magic happens. It’s not the

fancy occasions or those faraway destinations. It’s the heartbeat of this planet.

Dance in the rain, go barefoot on the grass or sand. Smile and know that you are loved. We

all need to know that. We are all loved. We all have a place here. We are a gift. - Confidante Maria