Gratitude Journal

In the life and times, we currently live, it can be difficult to think of the positive. However, if we change that thought, we would be pleasantly surprised. If you shift the way you view your current environment, it can help your outlook. For example, you see in front of you tons of laundry to do. You are not looking forward to doing the task. Shift the idea. Be thankful that you have clothes. Be thankful and feel blessed that you can wash them, as many don’t have that option. It may seem silly that a bit of action like doing laundry can shift your belief. This is where gratitude comes to play. By counting our blessings and concentrating on what we have, it shifts our thought paradigm. It is the simple things that will allow you to appreciate your life circumstances. If you have a warm bed to sleep in, clean water to wash with, and clean clothes to wear, you are already on your way. There are many that don’t have access to such simple things. Many of us put unnecessary strain on ourselves. We feel that we don’t have enough. We compare ourselves and think of our shortfalls. Comparing ourselves to others is the thief of happiness. Instead, tell yourself, I have come a long way, and I am learning. Every day that we are alive, we learn. We must appreciate all the dilemmas and solutions that come our way. It teaches us to be humble and wise. It’s amazing how we instinctively always head for the negative thoughts. We must learn to train our minds to look for the positive. Keep a gratitude journal. It can look something like this, if you are feeling sad, acknowledge those feelings. Write, I am sad today because (whatever is making you feel that way), then think of 3 good things that you are grateful for. I have a wonderful pet that cuddles with me and makes me feel loved. I have a wonderful spouse who is by my side. I have wonderful children that make me laugh. You will notice that when your idea has been shifted, your mood may also change. What you are doing is training your brain to process your thinking into a more pleasant, constructive way. You can complain, or you can decide on a different result. Of course, you can still change your situation if it isn’t working for you. The first step is to make a decision and stick with it. If you want to go back to school, inquire about night classes. If you want more money, talk to your manager. Even if it doesn’t work the first time, understand that dilemmas are there to let you know how badly you want your goals—brainstorm other ideas. Never give up, and write in your gratitude journal daily. List all the wonderful gifts that you have been given. You will eventually notice a change in your life for the better. Be well!

- Confidant Maria


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