Routine is good for our well-being. We achieve balance and it is healthy. However, self-expression is just as needed. Stepping out of the routine and doing something fun. It’s so easy to say that we don’t have time. Well, for our mental health, we have to find the time to indulge in our hobbies. It gives us pleasure.

As you all know, writing is mine. Yours can be photography, painting, whatever. I would suggest trying something new. See if it is an activity that you enjoy. Does it make you forget the time? Does it make you eager to participate in the hobby? Try a few things out. If it’s not for you, keep trying. You will find your niche. It can be an adventure just by exploring your interests.

I had a friend that didn’t have any hobbies. She wasn’t into painting or playing any musical instruments. I had suggested reading, but nope not that either. She was about to give up, but we brainstormed. Nature was what she enjoyed. What activities are nature-based? I asked her to jot ideas down on a piece of paper. After a few minutes, her brain lit like a lightbulb. Bird watching. She loved seeing the different species of birds in her backyard. She bought herself a pair of second-hand binoculars and there she went. Her outdoor excursions became daily adventures. She never knew what different type of bird she would encounter. It almost brought out a childlike wonder in her.

You can think of it as indulging your inner child. Have a sense of play. Life doesn’t always have to be stuffy and serious. Allow yourself to feel joyful. Experiment and you might be pleasantly surprised. Learn a new skill and get out of your everyday funk. Enjoy the journey called life. Stay positive and be well.


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