A picture-perfect setting focus on being flawless. It’s quite a disappointment when we don’t meet those expectations. Do you notice there is always a certain product or service to improve us? If you have gray hair, try this new hair dye. Have wrinkles, no worries, buy this anti-aging cream. You will look better just try this new product, and all our troubles will disappear.

Pristine is beautiful, but so are the flaws. We are so accustomed to finding a blemish and erasing it instead of embracing it. Gray hair is a beautiful colour, just like any other. Wrinkles are signs of the roadmap of where life has taken you. Families also, at times, don’t have ideal relationships. We have to understand that everyone has their personality traits, and they can clash with our own. The trick is to learn how to mesh with it. Sitcoms would show how the family would find a solution to their problems in less than 30 minutes. Real-life isn’t so precise.

The beauty of chaos. Okay, let’s face it, mornings in most households are hectic. Families, and people, are scurrying around getting to work, school and appointments. During the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget that this is life. Those moments even if we feel rushed running around. Those are the times we must see the beauty in our situation. Instead of complaining about another work day, say, what a blessing God has given me to have a job.

Take this opportunity to live in the now. Everything is perfect the way it is now. That stray hair that is out of place is part of the beauty. It is a reminder that perfection doesn’t guarantee self-contentment. Feel good now, no matter what. There is one thing we all have, and that is the choice. We have the choice to stop nit-picking and just be happy about our life. Great things can be discovered.