Inner Beauty

Social media, television shows, and advertisements always show attractive people. Sometimes it feels as if we live in a plastic society. If you have gray hair, they sell you hair dye. If you are balding, they have medications or wigs. If you have blemishes, they have makeup. If you are too heavy, they have trend diets. There is nothing wrong with taking care of one’s appearance at all. The problem stems when we feel inferior to society’s ideal image, and we may not be fitting for it.

Let us understand the importance of having a compassionate and moralistic attitude. Having a great attitude and showing kindness is very attractive. Some attractive people, when they speak, they turn ugly quickly. When people meet us for the first time, many won’t remember what we wore or how we looked. They will remember us by how we made them feel.

Attractive qualities in a person are far more desirable than an egoistic materialistic individual. People want to be around someone that is a joy. Inner beauty is love expression with our actions. It is showing love to our world. Kindness, compassion, and empathy are essential traits required for us to thrive.


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