Let go

Many of us feel that we must always be in control. There are no margins for error. We live in a society where all has to be picture perfect. We are so busy micro-managing our lives. The outcome of that is a rushed and unrealistic feat of deceit. We are afraid to let our hair down. Sometimes the best advice is whatever will be will be.

If you watch the flow of water, it is quite relaxing. It is free in its movement. It has an important job to quench the thirst of the planet. Nothing could be more significant than that. Water keeps every living thing alive. However, you don’t see water tensing up. Be like water. Do the best you can and then let go. Take that moment to watch the water. It can teach you something.

Nobody can be responsible for everything. That isn’t the way the world was designed. Every morning without effort the sun rises and the birds sing. Be observant of that and understand it’s ok to relax. It’s also ok to make mistakes. See them as learning lessons and be comfortable with the process. - Confidante Maria