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A warm bed is so comfortable and inviting. There are many times when we don’t feel like getting out of our warm cocoon. The rise and shine effort may feel like a huge task. In this article, we’ll explore some tips to get you happy to embrace another day.

Get up quickly. The alarm wakes you up. That is your signal to avoid the temptation of pressing the snooze button. Instead, make your bed. This simple task can set the tone for the rest of your day. After that, open up the curtains to get some sun into the room. Sunshine is a great way to wake up. Even better, open the window to catch a whiff of fresh air. This can be a great boost to your energy.

Exercise outside. Take a brisk walk out in nature. When you’re outside, enjoy the trees, the birds, and whatever wildlife is around you. Experience mother nature in her element and savour the moment. Or take a slower walk and smell the flowers. Observe the beauty that has been given to you. Don’t let the weather be a factor either. If it’s snowing, take in the glistening white. If it’s raining, feel the rain on your skin.

Get a pet or borrow one. Our animal friends can show us unconditional love. They love to be around us. They even distract us from our worries—these loveable companions, whether fur or feathered, make us smile. A simple task as walking the dog can be an instant mood booster. Put up some bird feeders in your yard and watch the colourful feathered critters feed. If you don’t have any animals, offer to babysit someone’s pet or volunteer at a local animal shelter. It can give you a sense of purpose and motivation.

Water. Another essential is drinking plenty of water. However, don’t just drink it; swim in it. Walk by it. Listen to raindrops. Bathe or shower in it. The sound and feel of water in itself are so refreshing. If you are lucky enough to live near water, sit and enjoy.

Meditate. No, it doesn’t have to be a long session. Try to find as little as 5 minutes to close your eyes throughout the day. Just envision a butterfly or an ocean view. Concentrate on a vision that calms and grounds you. Grounding is another great way to start your day. Envision your feet growing roots into the ground. Then picture a shiny white light surrounding you and feel the warmth. After a few minutes, it will make you feel relaxed and alert.

When we keep it simple, it is easier. Free therapy can be an open door away. Go outside, sometimes being cooped up in the house too long can make anyone go stir crazy. Even just 20 minutes of going out can shift your mood. Your mind needs stimulation, and nature has a beautiful way of providing that for us. It may even let you notice the world with excitement.

-Confidant Maria


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