Needs And Wants

Human beings have essential needs to ensure their health and safety. Clean water, healthy food, shelter, plenty of rest and companionship. This is the fundamental foundation of a good life. However, people begin to want more. The necessary begins to become exorbitant. They need a car but then buy more cars. They have clothes but purchase more until their closets begin to burst at the seams. How many items are bought and never worn or used? Why do we consume so much stuff?

People are convinced that with a great buy their life will be suddenly improved. Buying a $4000 mattress doesn’t guarantee it will solve your insomnia. A brand-new car doesn’t give you freedom when you are forced to work more hours to pay for it. Why do we complicate it all for things? The short answer is that some people think material things will magically fix their problems.

Don’t get me wrong, having nice things is wonderful. The universe will provide abundance, but too much of a good thing is wasteful. We must all learn to have balance in our lives. Once we have our basic needs met, we seek wants. But before you frivolously spend money or collect things thinking they will make you happy, think. An object, person, place or thing won’t make you happy. The only thing that will is you. You are the creator in this lifetime. Choose experiences over expensive knick-knacks. Have nice things, but remember you are the nice thing. Love yourself and be well. - Confidante Maria


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