Patience Is A Virtue

We want everything in New York minute. People make very rash decisions in a hurry. Only afterwards to regret their choices. There is wisdom in patience being a virtue. On huge major life decisions that cannot be taken lightly, these are the times we must take time to reflect.

Sometimes the gift of chance is there that the odds may not always turn our way. However, one must also release that and understand to take time. For instance, when you’re in a bad mood, wait. When you are angry, wait. All this can factor in on the impact of your decision. Make sure to have a cool head. Make sure that you have thought clearly about the consequences and use intelligence. If you may need another person’s input as someone you trust.

Rushing has never turned out well. Allow yourself the time and space needed to sit with it. Meditate on it. Some decisions are easy. Some decisions not so much. Also, you can’t force things to come to you. Remember these wise words that patience is a virtue.


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