Power Of Forgiveness

Why is it so important that we forgive the wrongs people do to us? In this article, we will figure the answer out. Many people hold grudges and never seem to get over things. It could be about something that was said years ago. It could be absolutely anything. Those negative memories are still playing in our heads. How do we release it all?

Do you ever notice when you experience negative emotions your body tenses? The total opposite occurs when you are happy. Your body relaxes and it feels at ease. There is no constraint. Everyone can ease their body just by thought. Things happen. It happens to everyone.

So why hold on to the negativity? Instead, transmute the situation. We are all capable of making mistakes. If we learn to forgive, it releases us from the anger prison. Maybe there was someone who insulted you. Of course, you will be upset. However, this can be a situation where you change the paradigm. The person has their issues. View it differently and forgive the person for their actions. In reality, they didn’t embarrass you, they have done it to themselves.

What if it was you that caused the error? Again, you don’t have to wallow in self-pity. You made a mistake. You have learned the error of your ways. Take this opportunity as a lesson and promise to do better. What a much healthier approach. Permit yourself to forgive yourself. Breathe in and remember we are all in this together.– Confidant Maria


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