Random Thoughts

Sometimes late at night, random thoughts scatter around in our brains. We should be asleep, but there we are awake. Do you ever notice it’s little things that stress us? What do I need to cook? Did I forget this or that? When we should be resting our bodies, our brains think we are running a marathon.

How can we eliminate this from happening? With the helpful service of a Personal Online Confidant. That’s right. You can have your own personal confidant that you can write to and entrust help with your little things. We can suggest tools to make your life run easier. Instead of worrying or being unsure, contact our Confidants.

Our service is unique because we help with the little annoyances. We can help with etiquette questions, be a support outlet for you to vent, or we can encourage you. Don’t go to bed full of thoughts or worries. Writing down your thoughts helps alleviate some stress. Why don’t you vent to us? You will feel a lot better when we respond. You can email as many times as you like, we’re here for you.