Relationships and Boundaries

This article will delve into coping mechanisms when dealing with toxic people. Quality relationships are essential to maintain a healthy balance. It is important to have a social network of friends and family. However, sometimes others can treat us badly or just disregard our feelings. This can make one have low self-esteem of themselves.

There have been times when we bend our rules to please a person. However, have you ever noticed when you give a person an inch, they soon take a mile? Why is that? One reason could be that many people don’t truly listen. Second, in simple terms, they don’t care about your feelings. They just don’t. When you surround yourself with people that truly love you, you will feel it. You will be happy, feel supported, and have more energy. When you feel drained, depressed, or just negative around certain people, that is another clue that this person isn’t good for you.

If someone acts or says something that offends you, confront them about it. Tell them that you didn’t appreciate the behaviour or comment. If they truly honour your friendship, they will do whatever is necessary to rectify the problem. However, if no change is made, decide whether or not this person is someone you need in your social circle. It’s okay if you choose not to socialize with them. Your happiness is your priority.

Understand that the negativity is not about you. People have their anger, and they may just express it to the nearest person - you. Distancing yourself, or making yourself no longer available for their criticism will either force them to change their behaviour when interacting with you, or they may just not have anything to do with you. Whatever happens, know that you owe it to yourself to surround yourself with positive people. Show discernment with the people with whom you choose to share company. Be well and take care!

-Confidant Maria


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