Self-Soothing For A Peaceful State

Our society is geared toward subconscious messaging about negative happenings. It could be a show on television or the newsfeed on your social media. If your mind is trained to seek the state of anxiety, it will show itself. After a while, all this has an impact on your mind. It’s easy to worry and become anxious. The best way to counterattack the process you must put yourself in a state of peace. Let’s explore ways that this can be achieved.

Meditation or prayer. A simple exercise such as a guided meditation can quiet the mind. Or pray throughout your day. You can sit or lie down. It may happen that if you lay down that you may fall asleep. That is fine. That just means that your body needs the rest. This gives your brain a vacation. Permit yourself to abandon all worries or concerns for a time. Make yourself feel relaxed.

Ground yourself. Give yourself quiet time. Life is filled with hustle and bustle. Take a nature walk and be at peace with an oasis of silence. Listen to upbeat music that you enjoy and dance. Exercise also gives your brain a break and keeps your body healthy. Experiment with different techniques and see what works for you.

Laugh. This is one of the best. Watch your favourite sitcoms and laugh your heart’s content away. Get together with friends and joke. We tend to take things more seriously than we should. Sometimes the best therapy is humour. It lets us lighten our load. We all experience tough times, but take care of yourself and your mind. – Confidante Maria


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