Selfishness As Self-Love

There are 2 main meanings of selfishness in my books. The first is the bratty kind where

you make decisions that don’t benefit others. That is the harmful kind. Little actions such as

littering. Doing things that are not right and continuing to do it anyway. These actions show

lack of respect for others.

Lack of sharing is another. Being in a place where you cannot share is not selfishness. If

you are running on empty you are not in a position to give. This selfishness is self-

preservation. You recognize the healthy medium where you have to replenish yourself first.

You recognize the importance of saying no and not taking on more projects. You

understand that there is nothing lazy about relaxing and taking time for yourself.

This is self-love. An individual must understand that they have to have their needs taken

care of first. When you overexert yourself, you become tired. You have the right to make

yourself happy. Both your mental and physical state require it. When your cup is full then

you are in a position to share. Self-love is not about sacrificing your well-being. Self-love is

about understanding you come first.

Take the time out today to email one of us with a question or suggestion. We would love to

hear from you. Please share in the comments some of your favourite ways to self-care and

what helps you rejuvenate. Until next time, take care and be well.-Confidante Maria


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