Social Media Superstar vs Reality Loner

Just the other day I observed the amount of ‘friends’ I have on social media. I keep it real, right now it’s under 60. Out of curiosity, I checked the number of ‘friends’ others had on theirs and I was a bit surprised. Some had as many as 375 and up. I remember talking to a friend of mine that mentioned they didn’t even know some of the people on their list. So why I thought would so many people add them?

I get it we meet people along our way in the journey of life. It could be co-workers or acquaintances, but how do we not know some of them? Then I understood that there are people that just like to add people so that they look like they have tons of connections. It’s almost like an ego boost. Of course, there are legitimate reasons why the person can be a celebrity, author or business. I am talking about the regular run-of-the-mill folk. Why are some people focused on showing off? I pondered that thought for a while.

We are in a new age of technology. Which is wonderful don’t get me wrong. You don’t even have to leave your home anymore. Anything you desire can be ordered online and be in front of your doorstep. However, that doesn’t replace the human touch. How many of those ‘online friends’ can you call up in the middle of the night when you need to talk? I’m sure out of the 376 a few would pick up their phone, but I digress. Some need that social media superstar label to feel that they are somebody. They need to impress others with how many people they know.

During these tough times, many feel alone. They need something to hang on to even if it is an illusion. Nothing replaces the touch of a human hand. Or the voice that will cheer you on when you’re succeeding. True old-fashioned one-on-one conversations and get-togethers are healthier than any screen time. It’s important to have relationships with others. Genuine connections are healthy for your body and mind. One needs to feel supported. Remember that saying that no man is an island. We are social creatures that need company.

It’s not good to be isolated. Surround yourself with true positive people because the company you keep says a lot about you. Make it a point to have beneficial relationships with others outside screen time. Go out there and mingle. Until next time take care and be well.


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