Struggles Change Us

The world is filled with challenges. There are times when it can feel as if you put in too much effort just to do regular things. Does life always have to be so complicated? Why do we have to endure hardships? Why do we face struggles? So many questions about why, let’s see if we can find some answers.

Illness, divorce, arguments, and financial hardships, there are a million reasons why we can feel pressured. Sometimes so many bad things happen that we just wait for the other shoe to drop. However, it’s those high- pressured challenging times that can open doors that we may have never even dreamed about. The storm can’t last all of our lives and the sun will shine.

Those obstacles are opportunities to better yourself. Absolutely when it’s happening you can feel devastation, weakness, and hopelessness. In desperation, some of the most amazing self-altering experiences will arise. Losing a job may lead you to open a business. It can encourage you to go back to school and pursue your dreams. That divorce made you learn more about yourself. It can allow you to choose a partner that will appreciate you.

Life happens. Yes, it’s draining, it’s tough and it’s not fair. But those experiences are learning curves. It’s during the difficult times we build our strength. It is during those times we adapt and our lives change. It is awkward in the beginning because you are losing what is familiar. Starting a new path is the universe allowing positive experiences to happen. The sun will shine again. - Confidante Maria


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