Thank You

Every morning when you wake up, say thank you. When you are in the shower, feel the water pour over you. Say thank you for getting cleaned and purified. When you eat breakfast and nourish your body, say thank you. These simple routines that we do each day may seem mundane. However, some people are unable to do them. We take a lot of things for granted.

We must acknowledge that there is a greater power at play. A person doesn’t need to have a million dollars in their account to feel blessed. Anyone can be blessed. It starts with thank you. Saying thank you is the most important two words that can come out of your mouth. It shows gratitude and humbleness.

Search for simple things that make you grateful. That bed you slept on that allowed you to have a restful slumber. The clean clothes that you are wearing. The car that gives you reliable transportation. If you make a list, you will find many things that will help you be thankful. Transform complaints into compliments. You will attract more positive energy into your vortex. Until next time be well and thank you.