The Little Things

A typical day may seem mundane. The same commute to work. The same kind of lunch. People tend to think that routine equals boring. Life is as creative and fun as you make it to be. In this article, I will be discussing ways to put a little spring in your step. Learn to understand that not every day is the same. Make them stand out by doing a little thing.

We all know how fast a minute passes. We also know that when we are bored or scared, that same minute can feel like an eternity. It is how you spend your moments. If you can’t learn to enjoy the little things, you won’t enjoy the bigger things either. When you get the chance choose to listen to your favourite song. Smile at a stranger. Help that person with their bags. Buy yourself flowers. Sip a cup of tea.

Get up earlier and take a different route to work. Go to the library and read. We live in exciting times. We can become educated. We can show our compassion to people. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Heck, take a simple walk and notice the here and now. Nature is always around for our entertainment. Treat your life as an adventure. Let the day feel as though it has a brand newness attached to it. The idea here is to do one small thing. That one shift from your normal can be the pinnacle of the extraordinary. Life is such a precious experience, make the little things count. - Confidant Maria


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