The Real Meaning OF Fine

It is an introduction to a conversation. We ask one another how we are and usually get the answer, I’m fine. The truth is that many of us are not fine. Many people are afraid to tell another person their concerns. They don’t want to burden others with their bad news. They are afraid to admit to someone that they are not perfect. They will even do everything in their power to camouflage the truth. Why do we do this? Let’s see how we can try to refrain front doing that.

First things first, most people don’t like to appear vulnerable. They feel that if they tell someone that deep dark secret of what is bothering them, it will be terrible. Indeed, we should not tell everyone about our worries, concerns, lacks, downfalls, and anything else negative. What if instead of thinking that we turn the idea around. Our family and closest friends do genuinely care about us. If you share your load with them, you may feel like a heavyweight has been lifted.

There is such a cathartic feeling when we release our true thoughts and emotions. Not every human being out there is made to scrutinize our life. Some people will accept the situation. Some may even offer assistance. It takes courage to reach out to another person, but the relief that comes when you learn that you are not alone is worth it. Peace of mind is always your main priority. Without that, you cannot feel serene in your being.

Some people still would not have the courage to reach out to their closest family members or friends. This is when a Personal Confidant can lift the elephant's weight from your chest. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strengthening your ability to reach out. A Confidant can act as a sounding board providing you with a safe place to be your true self without any judgement.

It feels healthy when you share the burden with someone else. It lets you know that you are not alone in your predicament. You are a human being with real problems, feelings, and situations. Please give yourself the gift of release- freeing yourself and sharing it with another. You won’t feel so alone. It can feel like going outside and taking a breath of fresh air. Let it go and go back to being you. Don’t face it alone. Take care of yourself. - Confidant Maria


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