There's No Comparison

At one point in our lives, we have all been guilty of comparing ourselves to society’s standards. At a certain age, some believe that we need to achieve a certain status that proves we are accomplished. People turn a beautiful experience into something ugly. They are critical of themselves because they feel that they didn’t achieve success. It’s far too easy to look at what the Joneses own. Then we look at what we lack and feel that we just don’t measure up.

Comparing our current life situation to another can lead us to have low self-esteem. People tend to feel that they are not worthy. They may become jealous of others. It’s all about perspective. Remember the saying the grass isn’t always greener on the other side holds truth. Many people currently call this planet home. Each one of them has a unique life and story to tell. How can you compare? You cannot because your experience isn’t mine and vice versa.

We are all unique, with many strengths and weaknesses. Where one falls short, another is capable. It is a natural balance. On top of that, it would be quite boring if we were all the same. Your life experience is more valuable than any material possession. This world is a brighter place just because you are here. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. All you have to do is just be.

Instead of seeing the lack in our lives, focus on the abundance. As for the Joneses, instead of envying them, be happy for them. When you wish others well, the universe gives you the same back. Materials, success, all don’t guarantee happiness. The only result that will allow joy and happiness in your life are you. You hold the key in that department. Understand that you are flourishing here in your human experience.

Some days are great, and others are not so great. Just remember that you are a gift. Your capability to love is what will allow the betterment of all. The first love is you. Take care of yourself and be well.

- Confidant Maria


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