Today's Walk

It’s the middle of March and I can smell spring. It’s a nostalgic scent that I remember when I was a kid. The melting snow causes streams of water to flow down the sewers. I noticed little specks of green peeking out under the white stuff. It makes me smile. About 15 minutes into my walk, I noticed a bunch of squirrels eating nuts. They are adorable.

There are many trees where I live so I have the privilege of encountering many species of birds. Cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, and they are so entertaining to watch. This natural oasis cleared my headspace. It allowed me to get out of my humdrum life and seek out beauty. I watched the animals, the trees, and the environment around me. All of it reminded me that I too am part of it. The magic of being connected to this wonderful planet.

I get some people who love the winter months. They enjoy skiing and the scenery. I love Christmas, but to be honest, after I wouldn’t mind for all the snow to melt away. I love the warm weather. I seem to hibernate in the colder months. One of my habits that I am trying to change.

I pledged to myself to take a daily walk. I discovered the benefit of doing this simple task. Whenever I would feel irritated, upset, or just bored, after going out I felt a lot better. There is a correlation between exercise and mental health. If I chose to stay home, the thoughts would ruminate in my head. When I left the house even if it was just for 20 minutes when I returned, I felt refreshed.

Why would I not do such a simple thing before? In my perception, I thought it would take too much energy. Too much sacrifice. Until I finally did it. I became aware that not only would I get more energy, but it was also a pleasure. I suggest going for a nice walk and just observing nature. You might even have a story as you discover the world. Happy walking. -Confidant Maria


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