Unleash Your Creativity

Have you had the urge to be surrounded by beauty? Are you wondering how you can think outside of the box? Today’s article will deal with exploring your creative side. We all have access to this wonderful stream of consciousness. By channelling your inner artist, it can also be therapeutic. Implementing little activities of creativity can ground you and put you in the zone.

Where is the zone? This is the place where you forget everything and become one with creation. It’s when you immerse yourself into an activity and that you let your creative sidekick in. You become excited and work on your final product. This is where the importance of having a hobby is essential. Do you what you enjoy. If you like birds, go bird watching. Take amateur photographs of nature scenes in the woods or water. Paint that landscape that you have been wanting to do. If you enjoy what you are doing, time stands still. This is called living in the moment.

What is the connection between grounding and imagination? I like to think of our imagination as the idea generator. When we put our passion into what we are doing, we let our inhibitions down and become comfortable. It is a natural human trait to be creative. Since the beginning of time, we witness this phenomenon. The early cavemen drew in depictions on cave walls. They created. It is a natural part of our makeup.

It can relax, refuel and inspire us to explore our talents. This will help with our mental health because we are finding joy. Take yourself on an adventure and make something. Write a poem, paint, cook, anything that gives you delight. Don’t be afraid to play. Stay healthy and be well!

- Confidant Maria


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