What Is Survival?

Many of us don’t exactly appreciate the alarm scaring us out of our wits when we are in a peaceful sleep. After pressing snooze on our phone or clock, we reluctantly make the voyage to the bathroom. Or another coping mechanism of choice would be coffee. Oh, that fresh brew of splendid liquid that perks you up.

After 30 minutes of the daily routine of getting ourselves waked up and washed up, our day begins. That could look like a day at school, work, or being home. Whatever that looks like to you, we all face it every day. There are days when we just don’t feel like doing it. Let’s face it and be honest.

There are times when we have to understand that we are not robots and we are human. Here is the reality of life, we go through stuff. We all do. The trick is how we react to the stuff. Yes, that’s the proof in the pudding. People may experience loss, they may be experiencing failure, bad luck, but what keeps them going? What is the secret elixir that allows them to focus? The easy answer is attitude. The not so easy practice, doing it.

There definitely is a correlation between how we think and the effect. We eventually all get it. Some are just better at not letting themselves get engulfed with negative thoughts. Having a toolkit up our sleeves can help us cope. Watch a show, look forward to having something yummy for lunch, even if it takes you to the next hour. Hang on to hope because whatever it is that you’re going through it will pass.

A positive distraction is a good thing. Laugh at something funny. A lot of us take life too seriously, just be like a duck and let it roll off our back. Even if it’s only for a moment, it can help you survive. My version of surviving is allowing yourself to feel what you need to and then do what you need to carry on. These pockets of life will pass and that survival mode will one day allow you to thrive. One day at a time. Stay well. - Confidant Maria