Where Is Happiness Found?

People can’t wait to go on a trip to an exotic destination. Many of us want material products

that we feel will give us contentment. We search for the next big thing. The thing that will

guarantee we will be happy. Whether it is a place, person or thing, we chase that pursuit of

happiness. But and this is a big but, what if the answer was right underneath our noses?

You wake up and gaze at the sun in the morning. How does it feel? Do you smile at the

beauty of a new day? Did you know that’s happiness? Sipping your coffee or tea while

relaxing is also happiness. Do you see where this is leading? We don’t need to go

anywhere or buy anything. Happiness and joy are available to us at any time. It is a choice.

Decide to change your mind to positivity. You don’t have to be anything to be happy. It’s a

choice. Fall in love with the moment. Find the littlest to make you happy. For myself, it is

drinking my morning coffee. It is hearing the laughter of my daughter. I have learned to live

in the moment. Appreciate here and now. Take care and be well.