Why is Vacation Time Important?

The hustle and bustle of life affect all of us. We balance work and family life. We over-extend ourselves at times. Then there are times when we must take a vacation. Not only because it is time owed, but we also need a mental break. Some people even feel guilty about taking that time. Let’s make it clear it is not a waste of time to destress.

Every single day we work for money. We need to pay bills and provide for our families. We worry about the details. We are programmed to work harder to compete or to provide. When our battery runs on empty, we are not doing anyone any good if we don’t recharge. If people are counting on you, you need to relax. No job, no friend and no commitment is worth your mental health.

Learn to take frequent breaks. Remember that in our jobs, we are replaceable. To our families, we are not. Make a living, but remember to enjoy your life. In 50 years from now, nobody will care about those reports. But 50 years from now, your children will remember the memories you created.