Why Self Care?

When someone used the words self-care to me, I thought it meant spoiling yourself. I pictured a spa day with cucumbers on my eyelids while drinking a smoothie. It could be that if that is what self-care means for you. In this article, we will delve into what self-care can mean for you.

We all experience hard days. They make us want to go home and just get under a cozy blanket. I call it self-preservation, and you take out the toolkit. To some, the kit might consist of books, a nice comfort meal, yoga. You get the picture. Another way to treat yourself with care is to say no to others.

Think of yourself first. Your health and mental well-being are priceless. If you know that watching something scary on television triggers you, don’t watch it. That is self-care. If you eat better food instead of binging on junk, that’s self-care. It’s important to make yourself a priority. If someone asks you to do something that you are not comfortable with, you have every right to refuse. That, too, is self-care because you are looking out for yourself.

In short, my version of self-care is anything that creates the harmony of contentment in your life. It is showing yourself love and care—the two most important components in learning self-love. Go do something special for yourself and be well! - Confidant Maria


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