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A Moment

Need a moment? Have you ever needed someone to listen so you can feel heard? Want to talk about things that need to be kept confidential? Maybe you need a new perspective or a little clarity. At I Be Here For You, your confidant has your best interest at heart. 

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A Friend

Are you having a moment that would be extremely helpful to share with someone who is not in your circle of family/friends? A "no strings attached" friendship?

A  Little Time

Talking with someone about even the little things can help relieve stress and tension. So relax and enjoy being you. 

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  • Open and Comfortable

  • Joyful or Serious

  • Short or Long

What type of conversation can you have with your Personal Phone Confidant?

Confidants have been screened and asked very personal questions. These people are all down-to-earth, genuine, and honest. When speaking to a Personal Phone Confidant you are speaking to someone who truly has your best interest at heart.

Confidants can provide life coaching conversations based on personal life experiences or training they have or are receiving.

A Membership is suggested for ongoing personalized care. (Available on the Service page)

The goals of a Confidant are to provide quality listening and constructive feedback if needed. All feedback is based on your Confidants personal perspective or experience. 

This Service is here to provide people with new perspectives and uplifting conversation. 

$1.99 per minute

18+ years or older

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