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The Flock

Why do I need a Personal Confidant?

Having a way to express yourself is one way of staying healthy. Not everyone in your circle feels comfortable with some conversation or distracted by their own agendas.


At I Be Here For You-Confidant Service, we are here to listen. You can express yourself confidentially to a Confidant through email messaging. We will validate your feelings and protect your identity, ensuring you can share freely. Our Confidants here will provide you with insightful feedback or a new perspective. We will encourage you to grow and learn new things about yourself; being self-aware is essential for healthy well-being. Your Personal Confidant will help you discover your strengths because we want to see you succeed in all areas of your life. 

We genuinely want to be here for you, email us, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Because we have it in our hearts to give, we would like to donate to our charities. Our service is free for newcomers. After the first five email messages, we would appreciate you becoming a Member. 

  • $12CA Membership includes a $3 gift to our charities and 10 email messages

  • $20CA Membership includes a $5 gift to our charities and 25 email messages

  • Have a little more to say? Combine both packages and have unlimited messages with your Confidant for 25 days.

Confidants do not discuss clients with each other.  Each relationship is genuine and confidential. A Membership is required for each Confidant you have. Thank you for your support.  

Who Am I? I (Confidants) am patient, honest, kind, giving, open, and here for you. 

We can be your:

  • Emotional support person

  • Sounding board

  • Secret friend

Our English-speaking Confidants use a translator to communicate with other language-speaking clients. 

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