You are only a call away from a sincere and caring Personal Phone Confidant!

Giving is the heart of the Service.

A Moment

Need a moment? Have you ever needed someone to listen so you can feel heard? Want to talk about things that need to be kept confidential? Maybe you need a new perspective or a little clarity. At I Be Here For You, your Personal Phone Confidant has your best interest at heart. 

Confidants are screened.
We respect your privacy.

A  Little Time

Talking with someone about even the little things can help relieve stress and tension. So relax and enjoy being you. 

A Friend

Are you having a moment that would be extremely helpful to share with someone who is not in your circle of family/friends? Confidants here are real people with huge hearts!

Comfortable conversation



  • Open and Comfortable

  • Joyful or Serious

  • Short or Long

What type of conversation can you have with your Personal Phone Confidant?

If there is a time to be respectful of; please inform your Confidant. 

Confidants have been screened and asked very personal questions. These people are all down-to-earth, genuine, and honest. When speaking to a Personal Phone Confidant you speak to someone who truly has your best interest at heart.

Confidants can provide life coaching conversations based on personal life experiences or education/training they have or are receiving.

A Membership is suggested for ongoing personalized care; available on the Service page.

The goals of a Confidant are to provide quality listening and constructive feedback if needed.

This Service is here to provide people with new perspectives and uplifting conversation. 

$1.99 per minute

18+ years or older

50% of profits are gifted to charity.

Payment Choices

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Privacy Respected Zone

Privacy Respected Zone

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