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I Be Here For You is more than just a Confidant Service. Confidants here are friends who prioritize a listening ear alongside conversation through email messaging. Our confidants are here to support you by listening and if asked they will share their stories, advice, and even some funny moments that will help you feel less alone, inspired, and empowered. Choose your Confidant today. 


Confidants use a translator if needed. 

Flower Composition


Hi :)


I understand the importance of having a safe space and someone to talk to. I offer a non-judgmental listening ear for anyone who needs it. I find joy in helping others, and listening is something I particularly value.

I believe having a good listener is essential for healthy well-being. Having someone to hear expressed thoughts or concerns can help lift a person's spirit and even make them smile. As someone who has struggled with Scopophobia, an anxiety disorder, I understand how important it is to have an outlet to feel comfortable and open. 
Let me be here for you!

Email me today.

Confidante Debbie
Flower Composition
Confidante Maria


"Hi, I'm Maria, and I am a part-time ghostwriter.  I truly feel honoured when people confide in me to write for them.  I feel the exact same way when in a conversation with others.  I enjoy chatting, but I truly enjoy listening.  I consider myself to be kind, open-minded, empathetic to others' needs, and most of all friendly.  

As a writer, I do have the capacity to truly understand.  I would love to be that soundboard for you to express yourself.  It would be my honour if you allowed me to listen and give you the attention you deserve in a safe place to be heard.  If there is something on your mind, let's chat about it."  

Email me today.

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