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Be A Confidant

I Be Here For You-Confidant Service is a free confidential e-mail messaging service with Personal Confidants who listen with heart. Here to provide people with honest conversation and emotional support. Our service is free for newcomers and after the first five email messages, a Membership is needed.

  • $12 CAD Membership includes a $3 gift to our charities and 3 days of communication with your Confidant.

  • $20 CAD Membership includes a $5 gift to our charities and 12 days of communication with your Confidant.

  • Have a little more to say? Combine both packages and have 25 days with your Confidant.

Our mission is to spread kindness and love by listening to the thoughts and concerns of others. We gift $5 from each membership we receive to our charities and organizations such as World Vision, Children's Hospital, and Crisis Center B.C. Keeping costs down is vital. Giving as much as possible is the heart of the Service. Love begins with listening. Our Confidants are compensated $5 from each Membership they receive. Plus any gratuity they receive.

Conversations here are organic, so let it flow naturally, and you’ll see how you will find the right words. We love building friendships with people and answering e-mails the way we would to a friend.  Confidants here have good communication skills. They are open-minded, respectful and have excellent interpersonal skills. The purpose of the service is to listen and be here for people. Personal Confidants can provide insightful feedback or a new perspective. We encourage people to grow and learn new things about themselves: being self-aware is essential for healthy well-being. Our Confidants have empathy and compassion. They are patient, understanding, non-judgmental, and are good listeners

We vow to always treat people with compassion and respect. The service is all about giving back. Members receive on occasion free memberships, handed out by Confidants when they feel it is needed. Confidants/philanthropists here see the value in helping others. We truly are here to listen and benefit the lives of others, even if it is for some simple motivation, a smile, or just simply being there for them. We are here for people who want to build meaningful relationships with real people who care. We are always growing and always open to fresh ideas and new ways to be there for others.

We have a goal to be there for as many people as possible. Having Confidants that can speak in their native tongue would be a blessing. Currently, our website is in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Irish, Japanese, Punjabi, Tagalong, and Ukrainian. Our English-speaking Confidants use a translator.

Confidants must be available to send daily messages every day the Membership is in effect. (We try and respond within 3 hours) Set your own schedule.

We give​

  • Thoughtful gestures like membership giveaways or birthday cards and affirmations. 

  • Our time. 


  • Are you someone with good intentions and genuinely interested in being someone's Confidant?

  • Are you qualified for any counselling or therapy? (Not a requirement)

  • Are you 19 and over?

  • Picture I.D.

  • S.I.N.

  • Picture for the website

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